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吉林省白城市通榆县第一中学2018-2019学年高一上学期第三次月考英语试题Word版含答案.doc 18页

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通榆一中2018—2019学年度高一上学期第三次月考 英 语 试 题 (120分钟,满分150分) 第一卷 第一部分:听力(共两节,满分30分) 第一节(共5小题;每小题1.5分) 听下面5段对话。每段对话后有一个小题,从题中所给的A、B、C三个选项中选出最佳选项,并标在试卷的相应位置。听完每段对话后,你都有10秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话仅读一遍。 第二部分 阅读理解 (共两节,满分40) 第一节(共15小题,每小题2分,满分30分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项。 ( A) Here are several family attractions outside Liverpool and we’ve even worked out the average time it will take you to drive there. The Ice Cream Farm—54 mins The Ice Cream Farm is home to more than 50 different kinds of ice cream. The attraction also has a farm and different play areas, including Europe’s largest indoor sand and water play, for all ages and weather conditions. Entry to the farm is completely free with Play Passes available(可得到的) on the website to get cheaper fees to the play areas. They start from £12. Tatton park—58 mins There are lots of things to do at Tatton Park. You can wander the award-winning gardens, visit Tudor Old Hall, or see the animals on the farm. The park hosts more than 100 events a year with over 800,000 visits. Adults £11,Children (4—15 years) £5.50, Family (2 adults and up to 3 children) £27.50, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre—58 mins If your kids are aged between three and 10 and mad about LEGO, they will love this colourful land of discovery and creativity. There are lots of attractions including LEGO construction site and two rides and 4D cinema. Prices start from £9.95 for an adult or child if you book an online saver ticket. Children two and under go free. Chirk Castle—1hr 3mins Upon your visit, you will meet the castle guards who take weapons(武器) and allow you to feel the weight of the armour (盔甲). The young ones can be taken to defend the castle. There is also the opportunity to try on armours and explore the history of the castle. Admission costs adults £11.80, children £5.90 and family £29.50 How is the Ice Cream Farm different from the other three attractio


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