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PAGE 12 高考英语热点素材语法填空专练18篇原创系列 语法填空专练: 1. Alibaba Group's communication app DingTalk, 1.______(original) designed for China's white collar workers, adapted to the virus outbreak by 2._______(offer) the service to help educate pupils nationwide. The company said that more than 12 million students in China 3._______(take)online courses now via DingTalk. A sudden surge in demand last Monday even triggered 4._____temporary breakdown of the software. Last Sunday, in the Apple store for Chinese mainland 5._____(user), the average rating for DingTalk was 2.5 stars out of 5. Days before that, its rating even dropped to 6.______low as 1.3. Both DingTalk and Tencent Meeting are among the apps 7.______(use) in live-streaming classes, and that's 8.________they got such low ratings from unhappy pupils, who believed that 9._______(they) original extended holiday was ruined by those apps. To respond to the unfair 10.______unreasonable ratings and comments from naughty pupils, DingTalk released a video twice on its official Weibo account, with the theme: Young master, I beg you for your mercy! 答案: 1 .originally; 2.offering; 3.are taking; 4.a; 5.users; 6.as; 7.used; 8.why; 9. their; 10.and 2.最新通报:新增确诊病例2009例,连续4日治愈出院超千人! Chinese health authority Sunday said it received reports of 2,009 new 1._______(confirm )cases of novel coronavirus infection and 142 2.______(die) on Saturday nationwide. Saturday3._______(see) 1,323 people walk out of hospital after 4._______( recover), the National Health Commission said in 5._______(it)daily report. 6.____total of 9,419 patients infected with the novel coronavirus had been discharged from hospital 7.______the end of Saturday. The number of new cases included 888 8._____(clinical)diagnosed cases, 9.______have been seen as confirmed cases. The 10.______(late)report brought the total confirmed cases inthe hard-hit province to 56,249 cases. 答案:1 .confirmed; 2. deaths; 3.saw; 4. recovery; 5. its ; 6.A; 7. by; 8.clinically; 9.which; 10. lates


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