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PAGE PAGE 1 章节名称 Romance 课 时 5+3 授课时间 授课地点 学生人数 教学目标与 要求 Practice reading skills such as scanning, skimming, predicting, etc; Understand the texts and grasp the main idea and related information; Grasp some new words new words and expressions to enrich students’ vocabulary; Know How to write a letter of invitation. 重点 难点分析 How to have students understand the main idea (the way one reacts to unattractive people reveals one’s true character) and structure of Text A; learn to describe a person by his/her characteristic features, together with supporting details which demonstrate the features; grasp the key language points in Text A and learn how to use them in context; understand the cultural background related to the content; express themselves more freely on the theme the American Dream after doing a series of theme-related reading, listening, speaking and writing activities; write a narrative essay in the third person singular about the story of Tony Trivisonno. 课程资源准备 Mp3 Listening material Media player Teachers’ Manual Oxford Advanced Dictionary PPT 教 学 预 设 调控对策 Teaching Steps Step 1: Warming Up Ask Ss questions on the recording. They are supposed to have listened to it before class. 2. Have Ss move ahead to do Theme-related Cloze, p.94, to have a better understanding of the American Dream. 3. After doing the above activities, ask Ss what is the essence of the American Dream. Step 2: Global Analysis of Text A Have Ss scan the text and circle all the time words, phrases or sentences in it. 2. Guide Ss through Text Organization exercise 1, p.88. Step 3:Language/Culture Study and Practice 1.Explain language points and have Ss practice them. 2. In the meantime ask Ss to do part of Vocabulary exercises, and the text-related and the theme-related Cloze exercises. 3. Draw Ss’ attention to how to write a personal description with a focus on the person’s characteristic features (see Text Analysis). 4. Discuss with students the cultural background


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