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M4U3 A taste of English humor-Funny stories speaking and writing公开课优质课比赛获奖课件.pptx 14页

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Unit 3 Funny storiesSpeaking & writingLearning Objectives:By the end of the class, I will be able to:1.Analyze the way funny stories are written or retold.2.Make aware of the cultural aspects between Chinese funny stories and English funny stories.?3.Appreciate Chinese funny stories better and introduce them to foreigners with accurate translation. Enjoy and sayThe speaker’s intentionAn unexpected replyPunchline--punA joke! A mistake! A joke can be made by playing on _______wordsA funny English story for you . A joke can be caused by _______________ of _________________.misunderstandingcultural differencehedge cutter 树篱割草机Listen and comprehendingWho, where, whyIntroductionMr. Hillshedge cutter 树篱割草机What happened_________ in the story:Mr. Hills __________ his hedge cutter made in ________.It __________ down and he tries to _____it himself .The ________said he should not repair it without ____________StageslikedBeijingmadebrokebookletpermissionEndingWhat did Mr. Hills did: He decides to ______ a new one so no one will ever_______.boughtknowFurther studies of the funny storyTip 1: Can you find the punchline in the story?“No one is to touch or try to repair this hedge cutter without permission.”Should he have written to the manufacturers in Beijing before he had his hedge cutter mended?Mr. Hills thought long and hard.He thought no one would ever know what he had done.ask for permissionpuzzledbe afraid of being punishedbookletmisunderstandingGently; politelydirectlyCultural difference Speaking: role-playDaisyJolyn 1. What fun! I enjoy that story. I always laugh at that kind of thing. 2. The punchline was good. 3. that’s because…I am …It surprises me …Tips:feelings; punchline; causes;…Useful words and expressions: Writing: introduce the funny story to Daisy. Skill 1: Make an outlineSkill2: Decide the detailsIntroductionWho, where, when, whyWhat happenedList some stagesEndingPunchlineCultural differenceTheme/ purposeViewing and making notes (the key words/phrases) i


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