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人教新教材高中英语必修一Welcome unit Period 2 Reading and Thinking 练习(1)含答案解析版在后面.doc 16页

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高考资源网, 高考资源网, 高考资源网, 高考资源网, Welcome Unit Period 2 Reading and Thinking First Impressions练习 第一题: 根据语境填入单词的正确形式。 1. Anyway, whether they like it or not, they do give people a very good _________(impress). 2. If I feel a____________,(焦虑的) I know what to do to calm myself down. 3 We should be_______________(自信的) enough to reach out to them. 4. They have not yet reported on their ____________(experiment). 5. This means she will do something for me, if I do something___________(help) for her in exchange. 6 Let us___________(探索) and analyze its way to success together. 7. .We like her very much, because she teaches us well and is very ___________(friend) to us . 8. .He used to be quiet, but now he is very _____________外向的 9. He can not _____________(集中) his thoughts on his studies. 10. She always asks some________________尴尬的 questions. 11. He is my manager, though he is ___________(资质浅的)to me. 第二题:选词填空 explore impression feel confident senior experiment concentrate on Li Huang is a new student in a_1)_____________school in China. He is studying in England as an exchange student. He _2)_________________that he can get used to his new school life. His biggest challenge is English lesson where he finds it difficult to ____3)________what the teacher says. He is fond of doing __4)____________in the chemistry lessons. His new classmate and teachers are helpful and friendly. He is hardworking and makes a good ______5)______on his new classmates There is so much ______6)_____in his new school. He is excited to learn more. 1.______________________ 2._________________________ 3.___________________ 4.______________________ 5.________________________ 6._____________________ 第三题: 用以下短语自由造句子 1.make a good impression 2. leave sb alone 3.make good friends 4.be confident 5.I believe 6.find +n + adj 7. what if + 句子? 第四题:阅读理解 A This was the first real task I received in my new school. It se


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