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PAGE PAGE #/ 5 浙江省杭州市中考新题型 --语法填空单句练习从句综合练习 一、基础题 It is a lovely day that we ' d like to go out 题r a walk.100 --Could you tell me he said at the meeting? You can ' t ima_g_in_e excited they were when they received these nice Christmas sperents. Mary had much work to do that she stayed at her office all day. The place interested me most was the Children's Palace. Do you know the man I spoke to? In the exam, the (careful)you are, the (few)mistakes you will make. You should finish your lessons you go out to play. This is the hotel they stayed last month. Would you please tell me we should do next, Mr Wang? Do you know the year the Chinese Communist Party was founded? That is the day I'll never forget. The only factory we'll visit next week is not far from here. I felt very tired, I tried to finish the work. the day went on, the weather got worse. Great changes have taken place since then in the factory we are working. This is one of the best films have been shown this year. Can you lend me the book you talked the other day? I don ' t remember e__whorked in that city when he was young. We will stay at home if my aunt (go) to visit us tomorrow. The pen he is writing is mine. They arrived at a farmhouse, in front of sat a small boy. --Do you know if he (come) to play basket ball with us? --I think he will come if he (be) free tomorrow. In the zoo if a child (fall)into the water and can t swimThe engineer my father works is about 50 years old. t swim dolphins may ctomhelpuphim.in China now. Do you know Tom will do during the coming summer holiday? --Can I help you?-Y- es. I ' d like a ticket to Mount Emei. Can you tell em it will take to get there? Friends are those make you smile, always open their hearts to you and encourage you to succeed. Li Ming, I went to the concert enjoyed it very much. The teacher asked the students they will do with the computers. 二、拔高题) They talked for about an hour of things and persons they remembered


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