Unit 5 单词 句子 语法填空 短文改错精选-- 人教版(2019)必修第三册.docx

Unit 5 单词 句子 语法填空 短文改错精选-- 人教版(2019)必修第三册.docx

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Unit 5-The value of money 单元基础能力检测 一.单句填词 1. I am duty today; it’s my turn to clean the classroom. 2. a certain extent, we are all responsible for this tragic situation. 3. The drum is one of the oldest (music) instruments. 4. They (hug) each other like a couple of lost children. 5. With some (hesitate) and an uncertain smile, she held out her hand. 6. Nothing you do can prevent me from (pursue) my dream. 7. Because of the bad weather, we had to postpone (hold) the meeting. 8. Don’t frown me like that. 9. Her books are famous for its excellent (plot) and unexpected endings. 10. Circumstances do not permit my (go) with you. needn’t couldn’t must couldn’t may manner option normal plot Indeed Ⅱ单句写作 1我们为我们的国家和人民在经济发展中取得的成就感到自豪。(what引导宾语从句) We are proud of_______________________________________ in the development of the economy. 2是微信和支付宝改变了人们日常生活中的支付方式(强调句型) _______ WeChat and Alipay________ have changed people's way of payment in daily life. 3.作为第六届世界互联网大会的一名志愿者,他发现学好英语并具有跨文化交流的能力是必要的。(find+宾语+宾补) As a volunteer in the 6th World Internet Conference, he___________ and have the ability of cross-cultural communication 4我们应当随时随地节约用水,比如刷牙的时候不要让水一直流。(ought to) ______________________________________. For example,don' 't leave water running when we brush our teeth. 5.Tom一直在努力学习。那就是为什么他在这次重要的考试中得了第一名。(That's why.) Tom has always been studying hard._________________________ 答案1.what our country and people have achieved 2.It is;that 3. finds it necessary to learn English well 4. We ought to save water anytime and anywhere 5.That's why he came first in this important exam 三.短文改错 Dear Peter, Thank you so much for inviting me to take part in the winter camp organizing by your school in the coming winter holiday. Quite interested, I am writing to learn about farther details. Above all, I wonder that it is convenient for you to inform me for the specific schedule in advance. Besides, this w