Unit2 Section B 2a—3b Self-check教案人教版英语七年级上册.doc

Unit2 Section B 2a—3b Self-check教案人教版英语七年级上册.doc

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PAGE1 / NUMPAGES7 Unit2 This is my sister. (Section B 2a – 2c)教学设计 Period 1 Teaching aims (教学目标) 1. 学会区分英文名的性别。 2. 进一步巩固并熟练掌握人物称谓。 2. 能根据图片和描述,理解短文。 Language points (语言点) 1. 词汇:1)名词n. photo, picture, girl, dog 2)副词adj. here 3)介词prep. of 4)形容词兼名词adj. & n. next 2. 词组:two nice photos of my family in the first photo in the next picture the name of the dog 3.句型: 学会使用Here are/is … 巩固并熟练掌握These are … Difficulties (教学难点) 1)运用阅读策略引导学生进行短文阅读。 2)帮助学生理解倒装句In the next picture are my brothers. Teaching steps (教学步骤) Step 1 Warming-up and revision(课堂热身和复习) Daily greetings T: Good morning,boys and girls! S: Good morning, Miss Chen T:How are you ? S:Fine,thank you. T:Today we will continue to learn Unit 2 This is my sister.Now let’s sing a song to warm up. Sing a song:“家庭成员称呼歌”. 《家庭成员称呼歌》儿歌歌词: 爸爸爸爸 daddy daddy daddy daddy 妈妈妈妈 mami mami mami mami 爷爷外公 grandpa grandpa grandpa 奶奶外婆 grandma grandma grandma 伯伯叔叔和舅舅英文全都叫uncle uncle uncle uncle 姑姑婶婶和阿姨英文全都叫 auntie auntie auntie auntie 姐姐妹妹 sister sister sister 哥哥弟弟 brother brother brother T:The song is nice,do you think so? S:Yes T:OK,I want to know do you remember all these words. Revision 1). Now let’s play a game — Who can be the quickest? (做游戏——看谁反应快?) 老师说出人物之间的关系,学生说出其称谓。看谁最先说出。 (Make the students into two groups,Yellow Group and Red Group,who is the winner,add one flower) Mother's mother is Father's father is Mother's brother is Father's sister is Mother's son is Father's daughter is uncle's son is aunt's daughter is T:The answers are all right.You are so clever. 【教学设计说明】此环节一方面是是帮助学生理清家庭成员之间的关系,另一方面是检查学生对家庭成员的称谓是否掌握。 Step 2 Presentation 1.T:We all know everyone has a good family. There are grandfather ,grandmother,father,mother,sister,brother and I .Do you want to know my family? S:Yes. Before reading: Talk about the pictures. Present the photos of my family. 2.T: Here are