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1 Sometimes it is necessary to insist on further explanation. 2 You shouldn't focus on your response while others are still speaking. 3 People are reluctant to admit that they don't listen well. 4 There are benefits in seeing things from the speaker's perspective, 5 Keen observation of the speaker can support our listening skills. 6 It is risky to think about a different issue while someone is speaking, 7 People do not mind hearing their own views summarised. A Afinsnce director in a big company, for example, will often make a terrible small company finance director because he or she is used to having a team doing the day-to-day jobs. B Mors often than not, the people making the choice prioritised different qualities in candidates or relied on guesswork. C Recruitment would seem an obvious task to outsource, but the company's experience of recruitment agencies was not encouraging. D They need paying for that, of course, but you will have them working for you and not for the candidate. E They are usually in very specific markets and the problem they face is that recruitment agencies may not really understand the sector. F This means that companies cannot spend more than the standard ten minutes interviewing each applicant. G Yet few are trained and competent for all aspects of the task. 13 According to the writer, in the mid-1990s Smithson's department store A was making a loss. B had a problem keeping staff. C was unhappy with its advertising agency. D mostly sold goods under the Smithson's name. 14 According to the writer, Smithson's profits started rising three years ago because of A an improvement in the retailing sector. B the previous work done on the store. C Rowena Baker's choice of designer. D a change in the products on sale. 15 According to Rowena Baker, one problem which Smithson's faced when she joined was that A the number of people using the store was falli


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