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THE TECHNIQUE DEVELOPMENT HISTORY OF JSP By:Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates Source: Servlet&JSP The Java Server Pages( JSP) is a kind of according to web of the script plait distance technique, similar carries the script language of Java in the server of the Netscape company of server- side JavaScript( SSJS) and the Active Server Pages(ASP) of the Microsoft. JSP compares the SSJS and ASP to have better can expand sex, and it is no more exclusive than any factory or some one particular server of Web. Though the norm of JSP is to be draw up by the Sun company of, any factory can carry out the JSP on own system. The After Sun release the JS P( the Java Server Pages) formally, the this kind of new Web application development technique very quickly caused the people's concern. JSP provided a special development environment for the Web application that establishes the high dynamic state. According to the Sun parlance, the JSP can adapt to include the Apache WebServer, IIS4.0 on the market at inside of 85% server product. This chapter will introduce the related knowledge of JSP and Databases, and JavaBean related contents, is all certainly rougher introduction among them basic contents, say perhaps to is a Guide only, if the reader needs the more detailed information, pleasing the book of consult the homologous JSP. 1.1 GENER ALIZE The JSP(Java Server Pages) is from the company of Sun Microsystems initiate, the many companies the participate to the build up the together of the a kind the of dynamic the state web the page technique standard, the it have the it in the construction the of the dynamic state the web page the strong but the do not the especially of the function. JSP and the technique of ASP of the Microsoft is very alike. Both all provide the ability that mixes with a certain procedure code and is explain by the language engine to carry out the procedure code in the code of HTML. Underneath we are simple of carry on the introduction to it. JSP pages are translated


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