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英语:Unit4 Period3同步练习(译林七年级上2012秋季版).doc 3页

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ReadingII部分 第3课时 (练习题) 一、词汇 1. She enjoys ________model planes. (制作) 2. He is the _______ football player in our school. (最好的) 3. Millie _______ about the news. (知道) 4. Kate goes to the Reading Club ________ a week. ( two ) 5. His brother is a _________ of the Computer Club. (成员) 6. Do you know the _________ ? (游泳者) 二、单项选择 1. He always ______ newspapers after breakfast. A. sees B. looks at C. reads D. watches 2. Would you like ______ supper with us? A. having B. to have C. to having D. have 3. My father spent an hour _____ his car yesterday. A. cleaning B. on cleaning C. clean D. to clean 4. Is it time to ______ home? A. go B. to go C. goes D. going 5. He has two daughters, and ______ of them are workers. A. all B. each C. every D. both 三、单句改错 1. I and Peter both love badminton. 2. Do you know the answer of the question ? 3. We would like going to Beijing. 4. They are in Class 7, grade 1. 5. What does Jenny do in lunchtime? 6. Her father spends two hours to watch the football games every day. 7. Does Daniel want write e- mails to his friends ? 8. Helen sings good . She is the best singer in her class. 9. This is Mr Wu. She is my teacher . We are good friends , too. 10. A watch on the desk is Mike’s. 四、完形填空 All the __1___ of our class ___2__ in the factory( 工厂 ). We __3___the workers with ___4__ work. We’re working hard. Lucy is __5___ boxes. Li Lei and Bill __6___ some boxes. They are ___7__ the boxes on a green truk. There ___8__ many boxes in it. There is a black truck over ___9__ . It is ___10__. ( )1. A. children B. boys C. girls D. boy and girl ( )2. A. is B. are C. am D. be ( )3. A. are helping B. helping C. help D. to help ( )4. A. they B. their C. theirs D. them ( )5. A. count B. counting C. is counting D. counts ( )6. A. carry B. are carrying C. are taking D. take ( )7. A. Puting B. putting C. carrying


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