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Conclusions Areas for Improvement Action Plan Resp Date (SQ02) Have no action plan for internal audit defect. And lack of some inputs and outputs related to 2012 integrated system management review. 内部审核中的审核缺失没有建立改善对策,管理评审中的输入和输出不全,具体参考ISO9001:2008 5.6. (SQ06) Have no minimum environmental, health and safety, and social requirements in agreements with sub-suppliers. 供应商的协议中未有对供应商的环境,职业健康,安全,社会责任的相关要求。 (SQ09) Safety exit is not identified in workshop, some fire-equipments are pluged up. 车间的安全出口标识不明确,一些消防栓被物料和产品挡住。 (SQ10) There is not a variable objective on injury and near miss. 对于工伤和未遂事件没有建立计量型数据目标。 (SQ11) The general work hours is 48hours per week in Haiding employee manual, but the rules of local labor law required is not bigger than 44 hours per week. 员工手册规定每周工作时间为48小时,而劳动法要求每周正常工作时间不能超过44小时。 (SQ12) Penalty issue occurred in employee manual. 员工手册中出现很多罚款制度。 (SQ13) Have no a policy for business ethics. 没有建立一个商业道德政策。 (SQ15) Documents are out of control, and there are not document version management. some quality records have been lost. 文件管理失控,一些客户文件无版本管理,一些质量记录保存不全。 (SQ19) Method of Supplier performance evaluation is unreasonable such as quality and delivery rating. And the indicator of quality and delivery are not collected. 供应商评估的指标权重不合理,在评估中,质量和交期的数据没有统计。 (SQ20) There is not a corrective and preventive action process using PDCA, 8D, and DMAIC etc. 纠正预防流程的有效性不够,没有使用PDCA,8D,DMAIC等工具。 (SQ21) Have not performed 'first in first out', and the period of validity was not controlled. 仓库没有进行先进先出,化学品的有效期没有监控。 (SQ22) There is not a general engineering change process in place.没有一个工程变更管理的流程。 (SQ25) Business continuity plan is not enough, which is not included the emergent case such as strikes, major machine breakdown, communications breakdown, IT systems disruption, earthquake etc. 紧急预防方案不够,没有包括罢工,重大设备瘫痪,沟通不畅,IT系统奔溃,和地震。 (SQ28) 5S on-site management is not good in warehouse. 仓库没有执行5s管理。 (SQ33) Have not buy the liability/third party insurance for ABB products.