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    Word Pretest 1. The new system will speed up the transfer of information from one office to another. transfer n./v.— when sth. or sb. moves or is moved from one place, position, etc. to another 转移;传送,传输;转让;调动 data transfer / transfer student transfer to a new university/football club/position 2. The heat lingered after the sun had gone down. linger v. — to take a long time to leave or disappear 逗留,徘徊;继续存留 lingering a. 3. She has an annoying predisposition to find fault with everything. predisposition n.— a tendency to behave in a particular way or to suffer from a particular disease 倾向;禀性;(易患某种疾病的)体质 predispose v. be predisposed towards/to 易感染(患)…;更倾向于,易于 4. The fashion industry relies on novelty, and photographers are always looking for new faces. novelty n. — the quality of being new and unusual 新颖,新奇 novel adj. a novel idea/suggestion 新颖的观点/建议 5. She derives great pleasure from playing the violin. derive sth. from sth. — to get something from something else 从…中得到,从…中获得 derive from sth. = come from sth.= originate from sth. The English word 'olive' is derived from the Latin word 'oliva'. 6. Eating good chocolate gives me a sense of intense gratification. gratification n. — state of being gratified; great satisfaction 满意;满足 gratify v. gratified a. 7. The cat has striped fur and is aptly named "Stripe." aptly adv.— suitable or right for a particular situation 适当地,恰当地;合适地 apt a. an apt comment/description 中肯的评论/贴切的描述 8. The empathetic social worker soon realized that the single mother was at her breaking point. empathetic a.— sb. who is empathetic has the ability to share another person's feelings or emotions as if they were their own 体恤别人感受的; 感同身受的 empathy n. empathize (with) v. It's very easy to empathize with the characters in her books. Text A Why Some Peo


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