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The top of the world means one of the most prominent(突出的) people or things in the world. “Guinness” was originally the name of a brewery(啤酒厂). The world's most wide mouth. Francisco . The mouth with 17 cm wide, almost the length of a person's hand. He was in a Rome record shows to show his mouth. The world's largest shoes ( for 5.5 meters long , 2.1 meters wide and 2.9 meters high.) On November 17, 2010 in Amsterdam this shoe first meet with us. The largest painting "ecole de dessin " The world's largest painting covers 3130 square meters, and displayed in Nigeria,produced by 350 volunteers. The world's small car Terry Watkins curled up in his car, this car is 1 metre high, 3 metres long and 0.7 metres wide. The maximum speed is 70 miles per hour, with a seat belt. The world's largest coffee the world's largest coffee's capacity is 9,130 litres, can fill 32,160 small cups. The world's biggest plane. Airbus A380.Can take 555 Passengers. The world's longest bridge. China's Donghai bridge( across the sea in hangzhou bay). It is 32.5 kilometers long. The longest house cat The length of cat five years old this year from nose to tail dimension of 1.23 metres in length. A hugh Africa millepede(千足虫),it is 38.7cm long and it has 256 feet. This kind of millepede usually has a length of 20cm, so this one is the longest. It’s the biggest hamburger in the world. (The world's biggest hamburg is 84.14 billion kg, the price is $399.) The world's largest toast puzzles. ( Hyde LanDeHe and her 40 friends use 9852 slice toast box and 600 bread laid out her grandmother's portrait.) The world's highest statue Christ the redeemer statue in Brazil The biggest mickey collection. America's Janet has 2,760 mickey toys. The world's largest balloon toys. John KaXiDi use balloons made a toy plane. With the limbs(四肢) of the 100 meters run the fastest are from Japan, (Kenichi Ito,) It takes him 18.58 seconds. Face "stick" spoon the most. His face can firmly


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