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毕业设计论文 外文文献翻译 土木工程 给排水 公寓建筑物的防火安全设计.doc 30页

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本科毕业论文 外文文献及译文 文献、资料题目: The Fire Safety Design Of Apartment Building 文献、资料来源: Journal of Asian Architecte and Auilding Engineering 文献、资料发表(出版)日期:2006.08 院 (部): 市政与环境工程学院 专 业: 给水排水工程 班 级: 姓 名: 学 号: 指导教师: 翻译日期: 2008、06 外文文献: THE FIRE SAFETY DESIGN OF APARTMENT BUILDINGS In most fire engineered buildings, intervention of the fire brigade is not usually considered.The fire brigade provides the last line of attack on a fire, and usually the last opportunity tofind and rescue occupants. The intervention of the fire brigade is highly dependent on themreceiving an alarm or notification of a fire. The role of the fire brigade is important in an apartment fire as they can: ??Fight, suppress and extinguish the fire ??Perform search and rescue operations ??Externally rescue occupants ??Control evacuation via the EWIS system or lifts ??Perform first aid ??Reassure occupants For the fire brigade to perform their jobs properly they require: ??Adequate site access ??Adequate water supplies ??Suitably located fire system control centres and indicator panels ??Controls for lifts ??Protection from structural failure for an appropriate length of time The Australian and New Zealand building codes and standards provide design criteria for theabove requirements. Successful fire brigade intervention can be achieved with pre-planning,early alarm, rapid response and the provision of sufficient labour and equipment to deal withthe hazard (Beck et al, 1992). The time for the fire brigade to arrive and extinguish the fire is influenced by the followingcomponents: ??Time to detection of fire. Either by automatic systems or people (Buchanan, 1996). ??Time to notification of fire brigade (Buchanan, 1996). ??Fire brigade travel time (Buchanan, 1996). ??Access and search time for all floors (Buchanan, 1996). ??Fire brigade setup time ??Fire attack time (Buchanan, 1996). The Fire Engineering Guidelines (FCRC, 1996) contains a


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