Introduction - Korn Ferry(介绍,光辉国际).pdf

Introduction - Korn Ferry(介绍,光辉国际).pdf

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Introduction - Korn Ferry(介绍,光辉国际)

Introduction The new FYI® for your improvement helps identify and address development needs using our most up-to-date competency framework, which is the new Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Global Competency Framework. Competencies are observable and measurable skills and behaviors that contribute to workplace effectiveness and career success. Each chapter includes competency- specific action-oriented development tips based on our extensive research that are sure to increase your skill-level and performance on the job. Each chapter includes: • Competency title and definition • Competency context • Inspiring quotes • Skilled, less-skilled, talented and overuse definitions/examples • Possible causes of lower skill • Case studies • Action-oriented development tips • Deep dive learning resources • On-the-job development assignment suggestions • Reflection statements • Additional resources • Recommended search terms The new FYI® is designed for any motivated person with a development need and to serve as a guide for managers, mentors, coaches and feedback givers. It is intended for all levels of an organization. Use this book to ignite your leadership development to provide lasting success in your career and in your life. FYI® is your guide for effective personal and professional development. Take some time to look over the following abbreviated* sample chapter so you can see why. *Please note that the following sample chapter does not contain chapter 1 in its entirety. The sample is meant to provide just a taste of the material that can be found in the new FYI®: for your improvement. © Korn Ferry 2014. All rights reserved. 1 FYI® for your improvement sample abbreviated guide What’s inside