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期 待 携 手 共 进 One dashboard included with 10 work cells. Multiple dashboards included with larger orders. This is a high level overview of a Lines performance. Using the chart and the colored cells in the table, it is easy to see how a Line is performing over a given time. OEE = EA * PE * QR Line Efficiency is provided as an added measure to show how the Line’s production compares with an Ideal production. Each report is equipped with a standard interface called the Global Filter to allow the selection of the available filters. Different reports have the capability of having different filters. OEE Summary will only have the Line selection and the Time Series report below will only have the Line and the Work Cell selection. Many reports you will see have all 4 selections. The Event Top 10 report is configured for custom events and it also allows the filtering of specific events for analysis. Selected filters are then listed on the report for reference. Each report is equipped with a Date / Time selection tool which allows the selection of the Start and End time frame for the data to be analyzed. Linear representation of the Work Cells in the Line to assist in identifying where problem areas are occurring across the line. When some of the work cells are Blocked because a work cell downstream is stopped then the effects of that downtime can be identified. Part Count compared to Capacity of the work cell. Average Cycle Time compared to Ideal Cycle Time Uses static costs provided at implementation to identify the cost of a work cell being down and not able to produce for a given time. Uses static costs to identify the specific cost to producing scrap parts. This demonstration will walk though the integrated activities of manufacturing a beverage product for a customer order. The integration of the follow aspects will be illustrated: Create Order & Update Planning (ERP / MES integration) Finite Capacity Scheduling (MES / Scheduling integration) Goods Receipt &


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