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3D打印论文中英文资料外文翻译文献 3D打印技术及其应用.doc 8页

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原文 3D printing technology and its application Abstract 3D printing technology in the industrial product design, especially the application of digital product model manufacturing is becoming a trend and hot topic. Desktop level gradually mature and application of 3D printing devices began to promote the rise of the Global 3D printing market, Global industrial Analysis company (Global Industry Analysis Inc) research report predicts Global 3D printing market in 2018 will be $2.99 billion. Keywords: 3D printing; Application; Trend 1 3D printing and 3D printers 3D printing and 3D printing are two entirely different concepts.3D printing is separated into different angles the picture of the red, blue two images, then the two images according to the regulation of parallax distance overprint together, using special glasses to create the 3D visual effect, or after special treatment, the picture printed directly on the special grating plate, thus rendering 3D visual effect of printing technology. And 3D printing refers to the 3D ink-jet printing technology, stacked with hierarchical processing forms, print increase step by step a material to generate a 3D entity, meet with 3D models, such as laser forming technology of manufacturing the same real 3D object digital manufacturing technology.3D printers, depending on the technology used by its working principle can be divided into two categories: 1.1 3D printer based on 3D printing technology Based on 3D printing technology of 3D printer, by stored barrels out a certain amount of raw material powder, powder on processing platform is roller pushed into a thin layer, then the print head in need of forming regional jet is a kind of special glue. At this time, met the adhesive will rapidly solidified powder binder, and does not meet the adhesive powder remain loose state. After each spray layer, the processing platform will automatically fall a bit, according to the result of computer chip cycle, until the real finished. After just


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