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3. I fell down on the beach and went to sleep. fall down 摔倒;倒塌 e.g. The house might fall down in a few months. 几个月内这房屋也许会倒塌。 与fall相关的短语: fall behind 落在......后面 fall down 失败 4. My arms, legs and hair were tied to the ground! tie (v.) “捆,绑” tie sth to sth 把…拴在…上。句中 were tied to … 是一般过去时的被动语态。 e.g. The dog was tied to the tree. 这条狗被拴在了树上。 tie (n.) “领带” Just a minute! Let me put your tie straight. 等一下!让我帮你正正领带。 5. It moved up over my stomach and neck until it was standing near my face. move up over one’s stomach 在某人的肚子上移动 stomach复数 (stomachs) e.g. A tiny man moved up over his stomach. 一个小人在他的肚子上移动。 6. He was the same size as my little finger! the same …as… 意思是“与……一样……”。 e.g. My school bag is the same colour as my sister’s. 我书包的颜色和我妹妹的一样。 7. However, they soon got up again and continued moving across my body. continue doing something 意思是“继续 做……”也可用 continue to do something 来表达。 e.g. The rain continue falling/to fall all afternoon. 这场雨整整一下午都下个不停。 continue 用作及物动词,表示“继续”,后接名词、代词、V-ing形式、动词不定式等作宾语。 He continued the work day after day. 他一天一天地继续做这件工作。 How can you continue to work/continue working with all that noise going on? 你在那不停的噪声中怎么能工作得下去呀? continue 用作不及物动词,意为“持续;继续” After a short break the play continued. 经过短暂的休息以后,戏继续上演。 However, they soon got up again and continued moving across my body. get up (使)起立,站起来 Get up when the king enters the room. 在国王进屋时大家应该起立。 回顾复习: get up 起床 get away 逃脱,离开 get off 下车 get on 上车 I managed to pull myself up onto a wet, sloping (倾斜的) ledge (暗礁). 我终于爬上了一块潮湿倾斜的暗礁。 Jones manages the finances here. 琼斯主管这里的财务。 manage vt. & vi. 设法完成;管理 manage?to?do?强调通过努力获得了预期的结果(= succeed in doing sth.);try?to?do 强调尝试的过程(= to make an effort to do sth.)。 He managed to escape to South America. 他设法逃到了南美。 He tried to escape to South America. 他设法要逃到南美去。 I tried to pull one hand free and finally managed to brea


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