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牛津译林版初中英语初中英语8B Unit4 Grammar公开课课件.ppt 33页

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牛津译林版初中英语初中英语8B Unit4 Grammar公开课课件 学科网,zxxk.fenghuangxueyi Preview 词组翻译。 hand in the work 2. and so on 3. return the book on time 4. read some reviews 5. recommend so many interesting books 6. in such a short time Learning aims To learn how to use question words with to-infinitives. To learn how to use “must and have to” to say that it is necessary to do something. Andy doesn't know ____________. what to wear Millie can’t decide _________________. which book to buy They don’t know _________ to the station. how to go Helping hands Work in groups to find out the rules about question words+ to-infinitives on Page 54. We can use a question word with a to-infinitive after a verb. 2. We can use a verb + object before a question word with a to-infinitive. 3. We can use a noun after what, which, whose, how many and how much. 4. We can also use an adjective like sure or clear before a question word. Work out the rules Except why Exercise 1 Translate as quickly as possible 1. 丹尼尔没有说他要与谁交谈这本书。 2. 凯特无法决定先选择哪一个。 3. 学生们问老师什么时候上交作业。 4. 米莉演示给我们看下一步怎么做。 5. 你可以问你的父母要带多少钱。 6. 你清楚明天什么时候在门口集合吗? 抢答,1分1题 1. “疑问词+动词不定式” 结构在句子中还可以做主语和表语。 e.g. How to deal with the problem is most important to us. The problem is when to leave the place Do you want to know more about how to use wh-+to infinitives ? 2. “疑问词+动词不定式” 结构可以改写成由该疑问词引导的从句。 e.g. I don’t know what to do. = I do not know what I should do. Exercise 2 Gulliver didn’t know where he could find other people. Gulliver didn’t know . 2. Gulliver didn’t know how to break the ropes. Gulliver didn’t know . where to find other people how he could break the ropes 抢答,1题1分 Amy and Daniel are talking about their Reading Week. Complete their conversation. Use the correct question words and to-infinitives. Amy: Mr Wu has recommended so many interesting books. Have you decided (1) ____________ first, Daniel? Daniel: Yes. I want to rea


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