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牛津译林版初中英语8B Unit6 Integrated公开课课件.ppt 22页

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牛津译林版初中英语8B Unit6 Integrated公开课课件 Integrated skills Unit 6 Sunshine for all Look the following pictures and compare with your life. How is their life? What about their study conditions? Do you want to work as a volunteer to teach the poor kids? Work as a volunteer to help the poor children. They volunteer there once a week to help kids lean to read. A Working in a mountain area A1 Peter's cousin Judy is telling him about a volunteer project Listen carefully. Help Peter answer the following questions by choosing the correct answers. 1. What is Judy? a A college student. b A primary school teacher. 2. Where is she going? a South-west China. b North-west China. √ √ 3. Why is she going there? a For a volunteer project. b For a training plan. 4. What will she do there? a Teach in a primary school. b Work in the fields. 5. How long will she stay there? a For one year. b For three months. 6. How can Peter and Judy keep in touch? a By writing emails. b By talking on the phone. √ √ √ √ A2 Judy is taking to peter on the phone about her experience. Listen to their conversation and help peter complete his notes. School: a very ______ school in a _________ area only ______ classrooms Students: live in villages _________walk for more than _________to get to school Judy's life: teaches them Chinese, __________ small mountain six far away an hour English and Maths; teaches them ________ after class; give them a lot of ___________ What she thinks: meaningful to learn more about _________________ of China; helpful to ______ the children there songs books the poor areas teach A3 Peter is writing about Judy and the village school in his diary. Help him complete his diary entry with the information in Parts A1 and A2. My cousin Judy has taken part in a __________ _________ in her college. She wo


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