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牛津译林版初中英语8B Unit6 Sunshine for all welcome公开课课件.ppt 28页

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牛津译林版初中英语8B Unit6 Sunshine for allwelcome公开课课件 disabled adj. 残疾的 It is difficult for disabled people to go upstairs. a disabled person (a part of a person’s body does not work properly) blind 盲的 We can help blind people cross the road. (a person can’t see) deaf 聋的 Deaf people can talk with hand language. a person who can’t hear elderly 年老的 We should take good care of the elderly(老人). homeless 无家可归的 Homeless people have nowhere to live. a person who has no home train v. 训练;培训 We can train dogs as guides of the blind people. We should support our national teams at the Olympic Games. the Olympic Games = the Olympics n.奥林匹克运动会 Match the words with the meanings. a blind person a person who is very old a homeless person a person who has little money a poor person a person who can’t see a deaf person a person who can’t hear a disabled person a person who has no home an elderly person a part of a person’s body does not work properly The Class 1, Grade 8 students have found some pictures of people who need help. Write the correct words under them. Then put a tick in the boxes if you have ever helped these people. People who need help Part A: a ________ person a _____ person disabled poor blind, deaf, disabled, elderly, homeless, poor a _____ person an ______ person elderly homeless _____ people deaf a ________ person blind Amy and Daniel are talking about people who need help. Listen to the recording and answer the question: How can we help homeless people? Give them food and clothes. Write to the local government. Part B: Amy: What are homeless people, Daniel? Daniel: Homeless people don’t have their own places to live. Amy: How can we help homeless people? Daniel: We can give them food and clothes. Amy: Are there any other ways to help them? Daniel: Yes. We can write to the local government. They can provide s


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