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牛津译林版初中英语八年级下册Unit6 Sunshine for all精品教案.doc 19页

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课题 Unit 6 Sunshine for all Comic strip and Welcome to the unit 课时 第一课时 执教时间 主备人 桂翠平 1.知识目标: 学习词汇:train, the Olympic Games, support, blind, deaf, elderly, meaningful, disabled, homeless 学习词组:need some more food, at work, a disabled/blind/ homeless person, an elderly person, deaf people, write to the local government 学习句子: I’m training to be a volunteer for the Olympic Games. It’s meaningful to do something for the Olympics. He needs some more food to eat at work. Homeless people don’t have their own places to live. How can we help homeless people? Are there any other ways to help them? Daniel: Yes. We can They can provide special places for homeless people to stay. 2. 技能目标: 1)了解并掌握一些描述弱势群体的词汇; 2)学会使用适当的词谈论如何帮助弱势群体; 3. 情感目标:树立同情弱者、乐于助人的意识。 教学重点 1)了解并掌握一些描述弱势群体的词汇; 2)学会使用适当的词谈论如何帮助弱势群体; 教学难点 学会使用适当的词谈论如何帮助弱势群体; 教学媒体 录影机,多媒体,实物等 教学过程 Step1:预习指导与检测 见导学案 Step2:展示目标 见导学案 Step3:课堂导学与互动 任务一:Lead-in What’s wrong with the person in the picture? What should we do for him? What can we do if we see people like him? 任务二:People who need help The Class 1, Grade 8 students have found some pictures of people who need help. Write the correct words under them. Then put a tick in the boxes if you have ever helped these people (Part A on page 79). Answer: Have you ever helped people who need help? 任务三:Listen and answer How can we help homeless people ? (We can give them food and clothes. We can write to the local government. They can provide special places for homeless people to stay.) Listen and repeat Work in groups and talk about people who need help. Use the conversation in Part A as a model. 任务四:Lead-in Do you think it’s meaningful to help others? Would Eddie and Hobo like to help people in need? 任务五:Listen and answer the questions. 1. What is Hobo doing? 2. Will Eddie support him? 3. How does Hobo want Eddie to help? Check the answers. Watch and act out the dialogue Step4:总结提升 Practice the following need some more food at work a disabled/blind/ homeless person a


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