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深圳市2018年高三年级第一次调研考试英语试题 2018.3第二部分阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、和D)中,选出最佳选项。ALost cities that have been foundThe White CityIn 2015,a team of explorers to Honduras in search of "the Lost City of the Monkey God” led to the discovery of the White City. They found the ruins in the Mosquitia region of the Central American country — which is known for poisonous snakes,vicious jaguars and deadly insects. It is believed that local people hid here when the Spanish conquerors(征服者)occupied their homeland in the 16th century.Canopus and Heracleion?? Modern researchers were teased by the ancient writings about the Egyptian cities Canopus and Heracleion — where Queen Cleopatra often visited. But the cities weren't found until 1992,when a search in Alexandria waters found that the two cities had been flooded for centuries. Artifacts(史前器物)showed that the cities once highly developed as a trade network, which helped researchers piece together more about the last queen of Egypt.Machu Picchu?? A Yale professor discovered “the Lost City in the Clouds” in 1911. A combination of palaces, plazas,temples and homes, Machu Picchu displays the Inca Empire at the height of its rule. The city, which was abandoned in the 16th century for unknown reasons, was hidden by the local people from the Spanish conquerors for centuries, keeping it so well preserved.TroyThe ancient city of Troy in Homer's The Iliad was considered a fictional setting for his characters to run wild. But in 1871,explorations in northwestern Turkey exposed nine ancient cities layered(层叠)on top of each other, the earliest dating back to about 5,000 years before. It was later determined that the sixth or seventh layer contained the lost city of Troy and that it was actually destroyed by an earthquake,not a wooden horse.21. Why did people hide in the White City in the 16th century?A. To survive the war.B. To search for a lost city.C. To protect their country.D. To avoid dangerous animals.22. Which of the following was re


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