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中国的交通基础设施,增长与减贫-WorldBankGroup.ppt 37页

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Infrastructure, Growth and Poverty Reduction in China Contents 1. Institutional and Policy Framework 2. Driving Factors 3. Case Study: Impact of Transportation Infrastructure on Regional Economy and Poverty Reduction 4. Lessons Learned 5. Problems and Prospects Institutions involved in rural transportation and poverty reduction ——The transportation administration sector Transportation policies for poverty reduction —— Increased investment in transportation infrastructure by Food for Work programs —— Increased investment in transportation infrastructure by financial transfers —— Poverty reduction work implemented by the transportation sector The first factor is the great attention the Chinese government pays to development-oriented poverty alleviation, transportation programs aimed at reducing poverty and development of rural roads. The Poverty-alleviation Road Improvement Component of the Third Henan Provincial Highway Project Loaned by World Bank (RIPAⅢ), started in May 2001 and ended in Dec 2002, is a subsidiary of Zhumadian-Xinyang Expressway. It consists of 10 road sections, 372KM. Total expenses were RMB 333.82 million yuan, in it WB loan RMB 106.19 million yuan. The government’s role is central in Poverty-Targeted Interventions (PTI) ——Investment of the governments of all levels is the most important fund source of RIPA ——The local governments formulate preferential policies and create favorable conditions for RIPA ——The local governments pay attentions to, support and effectively organize the projects * * Institute of Comprehensive Transportation of National Development and Reform Commission April 1, 2004 Dong Yan 1. Institutional and Policy Framework ——Administration sectors for the Food for Work Program ——Poverty reduction institutes Ministry of Communication Provincial Communication Department Prefectural Communication Bureau County Communication Bureau


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