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2018年9月公共英语三级pets3写作必考必过15分.doc 13页

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公共英语三级pets3 Writing 1、邀请信 Examples:公共英语三级pets3包过 1). Dear Prof. Hopkins, It’s my pleasure to invite you toNanjing University as a visiting professor fromApril 1 to June 30. We will offer you a salary of $3,000 per month. And alltravel expenses can be reimbursed. If you want to know the specificsof your activities during this period, please contact Mr. Li Qing, whose telephone number is025-7620341. Department of English Nanjing?University Faithfully yours, Notes: a visiting professor?客座教授 ? 2). Dear Dr. Johnson, We arewriting this official letter to invite you to our university to give lecture.If you could come, we’ll be very glad. It isreported you have developed a software that can simplify complicatedcalculations. Could you bring a copy with you? Sincerely yours, 公共英语三级pets3包过Wang Fang, Director ? 2、接受邀请 Example: Dear Mr. Peterson, I’m happy to know that you are interested in myresearch. I would be glad to visit your laboratory next month as you expected. But myvisit needs to get official approval, so it would be so kind of you to send mea formal invitation letter. I would appreciate if you can state that: 1) youinvite me to your laboratory from June 20 to July 6. 2) you would finance mystay in your country. Actually, I would finance myself during the whole period.If you state like that, the procedure to get a visa would be simple. Yours sincerely, ? 3、通知已办好签证并准备去访问 Example: Dear Mr. Peterson, 公共英语三级pets3 I’m gladto inform you that I have got my passport and visa to theU.S.A. Now I’mpreparing all necessary things for the coming trip to visit your university. After Iget flight ticket, I will inform you of the time of my arrival. Faithfullyyours, ? 4、请求派人接机 Example: Dear Mr. Peterson, I’m pleased to tell you that Ihave booked the flight ticket to Denveron Sep,15 and the flight No. is TS1524. Since I have never been to Denver, I’m afraid I can’tfind your university to the airport to meet me? 公共英语三级pets3包过Truly yours, ? 5、通知参加国际会议 Example: Dear


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