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CATTI考试词汇篇 熟词生义 ①very dirty; covered with dirt. 很脏的;布满污垢的: chimneys black with smoke ②full of anger or hatred 愤怒的;仇恨的: She shot her a black look. ③without hope; very depressing 无希望的;令人沮丧的: The future looks pretty black. ④(literary) evil or immoral 邪恶的;不道德的: black deeds / lies ? 2.pure ①complete and total 完全的;纯粹的: They met by pure chance. ②[only before noun] concerned with increasing knowledge of the subject rather than with using knowledge in practical ways 纯理论的;非应用的: technology as opposed to pure science subjects ? 3.lazy ①(disapproving) showing a lack of effort or care 没下工夫的;粗枝大叶的;马虎的: a lazy piece of work ②(literary) moving slowly 行进缓慢的;慢吞吞的 the lazy river ? 4.front ①the front [sing.] (BrE) the road or area of land along the edge of the sea, a lake or a river. 海滨;湖畔;河边;沿海(或湖、河)道路: Couples walked hand in hand along the front. ②a particular area of activity 活动领域;阵线: Progress has been made on all fronts. ③[sing.] behaviour that is not genuine, done in order to hide your true feelings or opinions 表面;外表: It’s not always easy to put on a brave front for the family. ④ [C, usually sing.] ~ (for sth) a person or an organization that is used to hide an illegal or secret activity 非法(或秘密)活动掩护者: The travel company is just a front for drug trafficking. ⑤Front [sing.] used in the names of some political organizations (用于政治组织的名称)阵线: the Animal Liberation Front ⑥[C] the line where a mass of cold air meets a mass of warm air (冷暖空气团接触的)锋: a cold / warm front ? 5.preserve ①an activity, a job, an interest, etc. that is thought to be suitable for one particular person or group of people (某人或群体活动、工作等的)专门领域: Football is no longer the preserve of men. ②[C, usually pl., U] a type of jam made by boiling fruit with a large amount of sugar 果酱 ③[C, usually pl., U] (especially BrE) a type of pickle made by cooking vegetables with salt or vinegar 腌菜;泡菜 an area of private land or water where animals and fish are kept for people to hunt 私人渔猎场(或保留地) ? ①[VN] (usually used in negati