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第 PAGE 14 页 共 NUMPAGES 47 页 语法填空(一) Tom: What a great day, don’t you think? Alice: I guess 1 . I just didn’t notice. I feel terrible because I watched television 2 after midnight last night. Tom: After midnight! Did you watch so late 3 you were bored? I usually watch TV only if I have nothing better to do. Alice: Bored? No, I was unhappy because I left my meal tickets in the dinning room. There’s one and a half 4 (dollar)worth of meal tickets lost. Tom: So did 5 (watch)TV make you feel better? Alice: Well, I felt a bit better while I was watching. You know, it took my mind off my troubles. But after I turned the TV 6 , I just felt even 7 with myself for wasting so much time. Tom: I’ve had that feeling 8 . Alice: Really? What did you do 9 (make)yourself feel better? Tom: Well, I did nothing. I just enjoyed 10 (feel)down. I think that’s part of life. Keys:(邯郸一中 龚林) 1. so 2. until 3. because 4. dollars 5. watching 6. off 7. worse 8. before 9. to make 10. feeling 语法填空(二) John: Hi, Anna. It’s nice to see you again. I 1 (hear) that you went to the UK during the summer holidays. Anna: Yes, I went to London 2 (attend)a summer course in English. John: Wow. You were lucky. How long did you stay there? Anna: About 40 days. I went there 3 July 5th and came back yesterday. John: How about the course? Anna: The course was very good. The teachers were nice. We 4 (teach)to listen, speak, read and write in English, but it was mostly speaking. One interesting thing I found was 5 the classes 6 (give)there are different from our classes here because they are very free. You can sit anywhere you like in the classroom. You can ask the teacher questions at 7 time during the class, and you are welcome to share your ideas 8 the class. John: How interesting! I think our teachers of English 9 try that. Anna: Yeah, I can’t agree 10


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