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利用SSR标记分析玉米自交系的遗传多样性-作物遗传育种专业论文.docx 92页

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AbstractGenetic Abstract Genetic diversity and hetesotic grouping among maize germpinsm fundamentally important in mnize breeding.In this study.119 anriy-matmity inbred lines.which most commonly potentially used in Chinese m觑breeding programs."m fillgerprinted with 70 SSR markers using 6 domestic and 6 CIMMYT lines tester.By combining pre-exist dataset,a pamary fingerpnnfing database w日£ estabfished containing 70 SSR prmms and 375Ⅲaizc inbred lines.Furth㈣,the genetic sWttemre and diversity among 375 lines were invesbgated.The results were summarized∞follows: 1.119 anrly-matmity lines and 12 tester fines were fingerprinted wi血70 SSR rearkers A total of 285 alleles were detected.The average alleles per locus were 4.07 with a range from 2 to 8.The mean value of the polymorphism information oontcnt fPIC)Was 0.58 with a range from 0,18 to 0,81.The genetic-similarity(oslwasestimatedwith anaverage valueof0.68.whichwasfrom0.50t0 0.94.The UPGMA method grouped the 1 19 early-maturity lines into six clusta's(Le.Sipingtou,Leda Red Cob. PA,PB,BSSS andLancaster),whichWCTCconsistentwiththeirpedigreeinformation. 2.A pamarr SSR fingerprinting database,containing 70 SSR pd㈣and 375 maize lines combined from different datasets anqnli_ed by the lab,was established based on the sanle tcs目lines. 10ci and unif'md detecting methods.A total of 291 alleles were detected among 375 lines using 70 SSR markers.The average alleles per locus welq:4.2 with range from 2 to&The㈣n value of the p0Iymorphisminformationcontent(FIC)was0,60witharangefrom0.t6t00.88.The genetin-similarity 佑S)were estimated with J皿average value of 0.64 ranged from 0.30 to 0.98.Using UPGMA analysis. pnIldp鲴coordinate analysis(PCoA),Neighbor-Joining(NJ)and Minimum-Evolution(ME)statistics methods,375 lines were grouped to six clusters,which werf,consistent with their known pedigree information.A medal-based approach with the STRUCTUR ehisteting suggested that 375 lines were grouped into six clusters 0.e.Sipington,Luda Red Cob


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