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幼儿英语教案,in,the,barber 篇一:大一英语 Unit1 教案 廊坊东方职业技术学院 授 课 教 案 篇二:旅游英语I教案 西安文理学院外国语言文学系 教 案 2014年~~2015年第1学期 课程名称 旅游英语I 教研室名应用英语教研室 授课对象2012级英语4班 授课教师 张薇 职称职务副教授 教材名称《旅游英语教程》 2014年8月31日 篇三:英语教案B5M2 英语教案:《Module 2 A Job Worth Doing》(第1课时) (外研版必修5) Teaching Goals: 1. To learn about the volunteer, Timoteo Apaza, and understand the importance of his job. 2. To develop some basic reading skills桽kimming and Scanning. 3. To deal with the new words and phrases. 4. To ocultivate the Ss’ right view of life, jobs, value and world. Teaching Procedures: Step 1 Leading-in Purpose: To arouse Ss’ interest in learning about the special jobs. Ask Ss to discuss the following questions in pairs. Do you know any special jobs in the world? Why are they special? Suggested answers: To be a volunteer for the Beijing Olympics is a special job. Because it can make contribution to our country and can improve our English. I think the part-time job for students is very special, for it gives us chance to communicate with the society. Step 2 Reading 2. Ask Ss to read the passage on Page 76 and check the true statements. Suggested answers: The true statements are number 3 and number 6. 3. Let the students to finish Activity 9 to study and review some words and phrases. Suggested answers: 1) eye test 2) well paid 3) fit 4) administrative 5) advice 6) career prospects Step 3 Pre-reading(Vocabulary) Purpose: To review and learn the names of some jobs. 1. Ask Ss to review the jobs of the following pictures that we studied last period. 2.Ask Ss to read the words in activity 1 and check the meanings of them, then match the words with their meanings. Suggested answers: The road c sheer drop At last, the teacher lead the students to a right view of life, job, value and world. Step 6 Homework Try to find the difficult sentences for you in the passage. 归纳拓展 ①The teacher took up his place on the platform and began his lesson. 老师在讲台上站好开始上课. ②When


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