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Unit1 1. In the wife’s eyes, his _____ to their marriage life is far from perfect. A) requirement B) commitment C) participation D) reflection 2. In the event of SARS, some _____ it while others lost their courage to do anything about it. A) came up to B) lived up to C) faced up to D) caught up to 3. Experts have _____ with some effective measures to prevent the disease from spreading. A) caught up B) put up C) come up D) kept up 4. If people feel hopeless, they don’t bother to _____ the skills they need to succeed. A) require B) inquire C) acquire D) enquire 5. As a result of his hard work, he has gained ______ to the Beijing A) access B) commitment C) opportunity D) reward 6. With the supplies of nurses below _____, the local government decided to recruit(招募) volunteers. A) acquirements B) assignments C) commitment D) requirements 7. Only when one is ______ of one’s getting behind is one more likely to catch up. A) critical B) aware C) visual D) effective 8. It is better for you to be _____ about its consequences before you take any action. A) positive B) absolute C) critical D) favorite 9. As an ideal _____ to the spread of SARS, this medicine is now in great demand. A) barrier B) commitment C) challenge D) access 10. When her business goes wrong, she tends to _____ for advice. A) get access to B) come across C) reach out D) speak up 11. The most important for us now is to _____what is to be done next. A) allow of B) reflect on C) feel like D) remind of 12. It is best to _____ wear through friction in designing the parts of every machine. A) have insight into B) come up with C) allow for D) reflect on 13. Good habits of living have proved to be of much _____ to o


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