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九年级英语全册Unit10You’resupposedtoshakehands综合能力演练新版人教新目标版.doc 7页

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PAGE PAGE 6 Unit 10 You’re supposed to shake hands. 综合能力演练 【综合测试】 I. 单项选择。 1. You are supposed _____ hands when you meet for the first time.   A. to shake      B. shake      C. shaking      D. shook 2. Mary is used to______ a T-shirt and jeans A. wear B. put on C. wearing D. putting on 3. I think _____ very important for students to study by themselves in the school or at home.   A. it B. this C. that D. its 4. —Will you come to the dinner party? —I won’t come unless Jenny __________, too.   A. will be invited    B. was invited   C. invited    D. is invited 5. We go to school every day _____ Saturday and Sunday.   A. beside       B. besides       C. except    D. except for 6. There is not too much homework on weekends now, so many of us feel very ____ and happy.   A. relaxed     B. relaxing      C. relax       D. to relax 7.In this country,it’s _______ to stick your chopsticks into your food. A.right B.polite C.rude D.kind 8.It is bad _______ to talk with your mouth full. A.health B.ways C.manners D.hobbies 9.The host family went out of _______ way to make us feel at home. A.they B.them C.their D.theirs 10.—What does Mr Smith think of the result? —He doesn’t mind.In fact.he is _______ with it. A.please B.pleasant C.pleased D.pleasure 11.This computer can’t work _______.It needs to be fixed. A.mostly B.normally C.hardly D.usually 12.—I haven’t worked the problem out yet.What am I supposed to do? —Try again! It’s only _______ difficult. A.a lot B.a bit C.too much D.too many 13.—I hear you are in my town._______ any time you like. —I’ll if I have time. A.Drop by B.Come out C.Show up D.Run off 14.—You must _______ the bottle before you take the medicine. —OK,I will. A.break B.shake C.cover D.throw 15.—You’ve given us a wonderful Chinese dinner,Mrs. Wang. —_______


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