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留学生论文专业定制代写网站 专业提供留学生各类essay定制写作服务 留学生Essay写作—克服剽窃的方法 As we know,plagiarism has becoming part of life among colledge student.They cannot live without doing plagiarism because of it is easy way for them to do their assingment.Almost al the fresh graduate nowdays is not in high quality because of their plagiarism while their studying.They doens’t really understand what they been studied and this will affected when they started to work.Their perfomance are poor because of no experiences and understanding while studying.Employers will complaints and not satiesfied of their work and this will increasing the number of unemployed people. However,there are many ways have been found to solve this plagiarized problem.For example colledge have reacted to this situation with writing rule which is student convicted of plagiarism will go through application to graduate school,job application later with one word clear that is“plagiarised”. There also have been created a program that can detected that the report or work is a plagiarized or not.This program are known as Turnitin that can detect that the report is a plagiarized or not.This program work to identify the passage or paragraph and it will tell you where it have been found. With this report I have been listed what is plagiarism and plagiarism that happen among student.I also suggested some ways that we can used in order to overcome this problem. SIX HATS WHITE HAT(INFORMATION,FACTS) Professor Amrin got a complaint from the industry about a percentage of gardutes from EITM does not perform well in their work.After he got the complaint,Professor Amrin had do a random check on their previous work.From the result he found that,the majority of studentd got the element of plagiarism because from their works had some same point.In this case,professor amrin expected that it’s will be give impact to the whole process being a genuine graduates.From that case,he found that plagiarism have many type.Some types of plagiarism is:


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