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牛津译林版9上Unit 7 Films Grammar 课时作业(包含答案).doc 4页

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牛津译林版9上Unit 7 Films Grammar课时作业 一、根据句意和汉语提示写出单词,完成句子。 1. How handsome they are in those __________ (演员) clothes! 2. Tim is often___________ (误以为) for his twin brother because of their looks. 3.They were ____________ (大为惊奇) when they saw many old things in the museum. 4. I sit between Alice and Jenny,in the third ____________ (排) of the classroom. 5. h seems hard to _________ (停车) the car around Xinjiekou during weekdays. 二、根据句子意思,从方框中选用恰当的单词或短语并用其正确形式填空。 although, though, so, such, so that 1. she was ill, she went to work. 2. The film had __________ wonderful music that I lost myself in it. 3. The woman spoke ___________ fast that I couldn't follow her. 4.Jack studies very hard _____________ he can pass the coming exams. 5..Nick still trusted people, ___________ people had done great harm to animals. 三、单项选择。 1. ______ I have lost everything in this terrible earthquake, I have not lost my life. A. Because B. So C. Although D. If 2. Children's Day is coming. Look!_______ many children are practising dancing in ________ hot weather carefully for the performance. A. Such; such B. So; such C. So; so D. Such; so 3.--What a mess! The shared bikes are thrown everywhere. --Let's collect and put them in the right place_____ they can be used conveniently. A. unless B. so that C. because D. so long as 4.--The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe is ______ an interesting novel ___________ I want to read it again. --I agree with you. A. so; that B. too; to C. such; that D. as; as 5.Tom was_________ that he couldn't understand __________ difficult sentence. A. so little a boy;a such B. so little a boy;such a C. so a little boy;such D.a so little boy;a such 四、翻译句子。 1.你最好早点出门,避免交通高峰期。 You'd better leave early you can_________________________. 2.这套房子如此贵,很少有人能负担得起


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