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2020年北师大版高中英语必修四课件练习Unit11Lesson3TheAdvertisingGame.ppt 39页

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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 6.For many of today’s advertisers,repeating old ideas is not a successful approach. 对当今很多广告设计者来说,重复旧的理念已不是有效的办法。 剖析 本句为简单句,主语为动名词短语repeating old ideas。 ★考点 approach n. 方法,方式 【高考典句】(2017·江苏卷)And as a new approach starts to become apparent,two ideas stand out. 随着新方法开始成形,出现了两种想法。 I think it is possible to have a positive approach to disappointment. 我认为采取一种积极的态度去面对失望是有可能的。 Pupils should be helped to adopt a positive approach to solving problems. 应该帮助小学生采取积极的方法解决问题。 归纳 approach后接介词to,表示“……的方式/方法”。 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 -*- 课前篇 自主预习 课堂篇 合作学习 * * * Lesson 3 The Advertising Game 一、短语互译 A.温故:写出下列短语的汉语意思。 1.in competition with          ? 2.attract/hold the attention of         ? 3.be used to (doing) sth.          ? 4.combine...with...         ? 5.link...to...            ? 6.as well as        ? 7.participate in        ? 8.give up        ? 与……竞争  吸引……的注意  习惯于(做)某事  把……和……结合起来  把……和……联系起来  也,和  参加,参与  放弃 B.知新:从文中找出与下列词组对应的英文。 1.品牌名称          ? 2.由……组成          ? 3.为了(获取)利润            ? 4.突出          ? 5.为……做贡献               ? brand name  consist of  for a profit  stand out  make contributions to 二、下面的句子融入了某个单词的使用环境,请用正确的单词补全这些句子 1.If you a       something such as a product,you tell people about it in newspapers or on television,in order to encourage them to buy the product.? 2.A c       film,piece of writing,or piece of music is of very high quality and has become a standard against which similar things are judged.? 3.A b       of a product is the version(版本) of it that is made by one particular manufacturer(制造商).? 4.Someone or something that is s       for a particular purpose or occasion is right or acceptable for it.? 5.Your b       is the amount of money that you plan to spend over a period of time.? dvertise lassic rand uitable udget 6.If there is a b       in the economy,there is an increase in economic activity.? 7.A c       is an idea or abstract(抽象的) principle.? 8.You


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