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高一英语期中考试试卷(05,11) 适用高一(1), (2), (3)班(100分) 单词拼写,用正确的时态和形式(5) In the prese nt s 情况),I would not advise you to sell the old house. 2.lt is usual for close frie nds to have a (争论,辩论) After graduation from college, he began to go from city to city, h (搜寻) for a good job. 4.She is so p (特别)that no one can please her. T (旅游业)is becoming more and more important in our city. It can bring a lot of mon ey. The doctor said everyth ing is n 正常). England is s (分开)from France by the English Channel. Many students have the o (机会)to go to America. As we all know, earthquake, flood and fire are all natural d (灾害). Fe ng xiaoga ng is one of the most famous d__ (导演) in Chi na. 二、 单项选择(30) Neither the driver nor the passengers in the car . hurt B. was hurt C. were hurted D. were hurt He his work too much, so he has little time his friends. A. cares about; with B. cares of; for C. cares about; for D. cares of; with get the bus, I get up so early. A. So as to B. So that C. So D. In order to many people, she was really very lucky. A. Compare to B. Compared to C. Compare with D. Compared with We have a great deal of time learning English. A. spe nt; in B. spe nd; on C. spe nt; on D. spe nd; in A new school next year. A. is being built B. will be built C. build D. built He did all he could to please her. A. what B. which C. that D. as Those breaks law should be sent to prison. A. which B. who C. that D. whose In order to get the girl'sbag back, he the thief. A. struggles with B. struggled to C. struggled with D. struggles to He read the book his sister told him. A. of that B. about that C. of which D. about which The reas on he is so happy is that he passed the exam! A. that B. what C. why D. is why I was very with the our ney. A. good; good C. pleased; pleasa nt pleased; pleased D. pleasa nt; pleasa nt C. went toC. be laughed atC. How a usefulC. It is known that C. went to C. be laughed at C. How a useful C. It is known that D. We all know D. bee n in D. being laughed at D. How useful


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