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Unit 1 Necessities \o "Lead-in" Lead-in \o "KEY WORDS" KEY WORDS Read the sentences. The words in bold are used in the TED Talk. Guess the meaning of the words. Then match the words with their definitions. Part-A Part-B Even though I had everything money could buy, my happiness flat-lined. stopped increasing, but didn’t decrease I crowdsourced advice on the best green holiday options. via the Internet, asked a lot of people for Deleting my old photographs cleared the arteries of my computer. removed unnecessary stuff from the inner workings of The simple design avoided extraneous elements that would detract from the clean look. not relevant or related The recycling campaign has helped to stem the inflow of waste into our local landfill site. reduce the inward movement The bowls are three different sizes, so they nest, making them easy to store. fit one inside the other \o "AUTHENTIC LISTENING SKILLS" AUTHENTIC LISTENING SKILLS 「口语跟读」 「口语跟读」 「口语跟读」 \o "Less stuff, more happiness" Less stuff, more happiness \o "TED TALKS" TED TALKS In addition to having more space, what other two things have increased for the average North American? ??A.?Credit card debt and their environmental footprint. ??B.?Credit card and their environmental footprint. How much has the typical living space in the USA increased in the past 50 years? ??A.?By about two times. ??B.?By about three times. What, significantly, hasn’t increased for North Americans in the past 50 years? ??A.?Happiness. ??B.?Wealth. What three benefits of having less stuff and living in a smaller space does Graham Hill name? ??A.?You can save some money. ??B.?You can have a smaller footprint. ??C.?You can have less possessions. ??D.?You can have smaller utility bills. Match the three main approaches to life editing with the examples Hill gives. Part-A Part-B Edit your possessions – cut the extraneous and learn to stem the inflow. Letting go of a shirt Hill hadn’t worn in years and only keeping items that ‘we’re go