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Unit Two Section A Section B Section C 4. Kenyan women tend to vote for those who could provide them with the necessary food to live on. (Refer to Para. 6) 5. Traditionally, Kenyan women are regarded as housewives, who can decide how to use the money of the family. (Refer to Para. 7) After winning her council seat, Ms. Mbogo joined the town planning committee, in which she could do more practical work for the town than she could in the education and social services committee. (Refer to Para. 10) Task II (2) 7. Ms. Mbogo has never encountered any abuse in her political life. (Refer to Para. 13) Ms. Mbogo is now particularly welcomed by people of low social status. (Refer to Paras. 17 – 19) Task II (3) 7. come down in the world: 穷困潦倒 When we had to sell our house and take a small apartment downtown, we felt we’d really came down in the world. 当我们不得不卖掉房子,搬到市区的一间小公寓住时,我们感到的确已经穷困潦倒了。 活学活用 8. find one’s way into: 找到出口 有建议说,随着新的一轮更为高级的计算机应用热潮进入家庭市场,多媒体会变得十分普遍。 There are some suggestions that multimedia will become commonplace in homes as a further wave of more mature computer application finds it’s way into the home market. 活学活用 1. might have done sth. 可能会 活学活用 这个计划可能会很容易失败,可是事实上大大成功了。 This plan might easily have gone wrong, but in fact it was a great success. patterns 2. It’s doubtful if / whether: 值得怀疑,不肯定 活学活用 这幅画是不是毕加索画的很值得怀疑。 It’s doubtful if this painting is a Picasso. 3. have an urge to do sth. 做…欲望 活学活用 他有强烈的竞争并获得成功的欲望。 He had a powerful urge to compete and succeed. 4. lose faith in sth. 对…失去信心 活学活用 审判之后,他们家人说他们对司法制度失去了信心。 After the trail, his family said they have lost all faith in the judicial system. 5. It’s a relief to … 松一口气,欣慰 活学活用 当得知他们家人灾难之后都安然无恙,他们松了一口气。 It’s a relief to know that their family were safe and sound after the disaster. 6. find in sb. a man /woman of: 发现某人具有… 活学活用 我们发现她是一个充满幽默感和智慧的女士,拥有工商管理硕士学位。 We have found in her a woman of wit and intelligence, with a master’s degree in business administration. Voca


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