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专项复习一词汇及语法 ( )1.- do you go hiking? --- Once a week. A. How much B. How soon C. How often D. How long ( )2.Yesterday my dad spent all his free time games us. A. play ; in B. played ; to C. plays ; with D. playing ;with ( )3. Tom likes playing volleyball, and his sister likes playing piano. A. a; a B. the ; the C. 不填;the D. the ;不填 --_____ did you start studying English ? –Five years ago. A. When B. How long C. How often D. What ( )5. The teachers are friendly _________ us. A. for B. to C. at D. in ( )6.―________ you born? ―In a town near Tianjin. When were B. Where did C. Where were D. Where was ( ) 7. It's dark (暗的) in the room. Please ______the light. turn on B. open C. turn down D. turn off ( ) 8. I think doing morning exercises is good our health. A.at B. to C. for D. with ( ) 9. My granpa didn’t go to sleep I get back home. when B. until C. as soon as D. while ( ) 10. It’s important us English well. of, learning B. for, to learn C . to, to learn D. for, learning ( ) 11. British English is different American English. A.to B. from C. at D. of ( ) 12. —Which is ________ month of the year?—July, I think. A.hot B.hoter C.hot D.the hottesLily is______shorter than Lucy. A.very B. too C. quite D. a little ( )14. .She looks because she has a vacation. A. relaxed, relaxed B. relaxing, relaxing C. relaxed, relaxing D. relaxing, relaxed ( )15. Could you please sweep the floor?  _______. I have to do my homework. A. Yes, sure.    B. Why not?   C. Sorry, you can’t   D. Sorry, I can’tHow about _______ a scarf ? A. buy B. bought C. buying D. to buy ( )17. ―Were there any sharks in the aquarium? ―________. A. Yes, there were B. No, there wasn't


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