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Counseling Meeting March 10, 2011 Bridgete H. Clark, RDH, DDS They are health care professionals who focus on preventing and treating oral diseases to protect teeth, gums and patient’s overall health. Are graduates of accredited college & university dental hygiene education programs Licensed oral health professionals – R.D.H. Performs health care assessments that include the review of patient’s health history, dental charting, oral cancer screening, and evaluation of gum disease. Removes plaque and calculus from above and below the gum line using dental instruments. Administers local anesthetic and/or nitrous oxide analgesia. Expose, process and interprets dental radiographs. Educates patients on proper oral hygiene techniques to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Enjoys people: An effective dental hygienist has great communication skills to engage the patient in the outcome of their own oral care. Likes biology: The theory behind oral hygiene is based on how our bodies react to bacteria in our mouth and ridding the mouth of the bacteria that causes infection and bone loss. Eye for detail, great tactile skills & patience: Scaling and root planing is performed in a small location . . . the mouth, where much of the treatment is by feel and magnification. Engaged dental team member: The dental hygienist is a part of a dental team; including the dentist, dental assistants and practice coordinator. Personal satisfaction: Improving patient oral health while establishing trusting clinician/patient relationships. Variety: Dental hygienists have the opportunity to meet the oral health needs of many different patients and population groups each day and throughout their career. Flexibility: Full and part-time employment in private dental practices, community clinics, educational and research institutions. Fair compensation: As a licensed health professional, a clinician can earn from approximately $350 per day/$50,000 a year. Two year program: includes courses in Clinical