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高中英语Module 3 Unit 1 Exercises of Vocabulary基础知识复习学生版牛津版必修3.pdf 16页

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M3 U1 短语和句型 一. 重要短语: 1. a sense of smell/ taste/ humor/ direction/ justice/ time/ responsibility; 2. make sense of sth 理解某物 3. come to one’s senses/ life; come to oneself 醒过来,醒悟过来 4. observe sb. do sth / doing sth ; sb. be observed to do sth 5. observe her sixtieth birthday 庆祝她的 60 岁生日 6. in / within sight ; out of sight 7. at first sight 乍看,初看 ; catch sight of 突然看到 8. beat sb. to death 把某人打死 9. for fear of 以免……, 唯恐……. 10. stare into space 瞪着眼镜发愣,出神 11. reach (out one’s hand) for sth. 伸手拿东西 within sb’s reach=within the reach of sb. 12. look out (for)=watch out (for)=be careful of/ about/with 13. pay sb. back for sth. 因某事而报答/报复某人 14. be frozen to death 冻死 ; freezing point 冰点; freezing cold 冰冷 15. reduce by 减少了多少 reduce to 减少到多少 16. be related to=be connected with=be linked to 与……有联系 17. affect one another 相互影响 18. make the most of=make full use of=make the best of 19. add up to 总计为; add….. to…… 把…..加到……上 20. can’t help but do sth. 禁不住干什么 21. make much / great progress (不可数名词) 22. in this way/ by this means/ with this method 用这种方法 23. by chance=by accident 偶然地,意外地 24. drown oneself in…. 埋头于…… 25. the latter/ former part of the speech 演讲的前(后)半段 26. be likely to do sth/ It’s likely that ( for sb. to do ) 27. stick to my present job 坚持目前的工作 28. compared to / with….. 与……相比 29. hit sb. on the nose/ back/ shoulder/ head 打某人的鼻子/背/肩膀/头 30. take him to the nearest hospital temporarily 暂时把他带到最近的医院 31. work out a safe treatment plan 制定一个安全的治疗计划 32. be grateful to sb. 对某人充满感激 33. set sail for my destination 启航去往我们的目的地 34. weather report 天气预报 35. house all the people who need homes 给所有需要房子的人提供住处 36. the problem of global warming 全球变暖的问题 37. turn left=turn to the left 38. wish for=hope for 希望得到 39. make great achievements 取得巨大成就 40. sign language 手语


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