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PAGE  PAGE 23 小学英语试讲稿英文版 篇一:小学英语试讲稿 小学英语试讲稿 ——————-小学英语教师招聘面试必背模版 Good morning ladies and gentleman. I’am No.____. May I begin? Good morning boys and girls. How are you? I am fine, too. Thank you. Sit down please. 导入提问 What’s your favourite season? Yes, you please. OK now sit down thank you. First, Let’ Ok, stop. Do you like it? 根据歌谣提问 You? Sorry It’s doesn’t matter Now, this class, we’ll learn about-______ in the new unit. Unit____(板书并慢速口述標題) Before our class, I’ll devide you into two groups(手势)group girls and group boys. Now look ,this for boys, this for girls. If you can ask me question correctly and actively, you can get one apple. Clear, yes. Ok now, let’s begin our class 由旧识引入新内容What’s the weather like today? What the temperate today? Can you? Oh sorry, ok thank you sit down, Let’Listen carefully, Let’s report.Can you speak in English? Ok please follow me. Boys, girls, group 1 and group 6. Great. Who can spell it? Let’s listen carefully. (do body language)Can you get it? It’boys girls role 1 role 2 great. Now Let’s spell together. Ok. 训练句型。 示意举手) Let’ 1 apple for you. Can you speak in English? Sorry? Now Look. It’’ Now let’’ It’’’板书) you four yes Now boys and girls. Please ask and answer, use the sentence and words.(指向新内容) Ok? Open your book turn to page 15, Let’s listen to a tape and read after it. Yes(自由走动4秒) Now it’s your turn. One read, one points. Ok stop. Who can read it?(示范举手)you please. Loudly. all of you read after her. Great sit down. Can you ask me?(point to sentences) Oh boys and girls turn to page 16. Let draw Do you finish? Now let’s make a pair work. Ok? I’手势)sit down. 1 apple for you Now ask and answer in pairs. OK? 2 minutes for you. Oh time is up. Stop Who can show you dialogue. Yes you two please, don’t be shy OK? 1 apple for you. You two please. Yes your pronunciation is very nice. Sit down. 1 apple for you. Now let’s stop here. OK you can show me your dialogue after class. Clear? Now please look at the blackboard, we


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