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    N版高一(上)Module 1 Unit3 Reading

    e.g. The present arrangement is working reasonably well. 目前的安排很奏效。 It’s a good idea, but it just won’t work. 它是个好主意,但行不通。 类似用法的动词还有: sell, wash, write, last… e.g. These storybooks sell well. 这些故事书很畅销。 This kind of cloth washes easily.这种布洗起来很容易。 His new pen writes well. 他的新钢笔很好用。 work 的相关词组: work at 致力于,在……上下工夫; work as 充当,担任……工作; work on 从事 (工作) 3. I’m now in hospital recovering from liver failure. 我现在住院了,患的是肝衰竭,正在 恢复中。 recover 指恢复(健康)、补偿(损失)、 挽回(失物)等。 e.g. After the journey he soon recovered his health. 长途旅行之后,他很快恢复了健康。 词语辨析: recover/uncover/discover recover 意为“(从疾病中)复原,重获得”;discover意为“发现(新的东西)”;uncover 意为“打开,揭开(盖子)” 1) _______ the fish before you put it in the oven(烤箱). 2) She soon _________ herself and stopped crying. 3) Do you ever ________ who sent you the flowers? 4) He stood a moment to ______ breath. recovered Uncover discover recover Practice 4. I follow my doctor’s advice and exercise for at least half an hour every day, and eat lots of fruit and vegetables. 我听从医生的建议,每天锻炼至少半小时,吃很多的水果和蔬菜。 动词follow 可译为“接着、遵循、顺着、理解 ……” e.g. He stayed at home in the days that followed. 在接下来的日子他都呆在家里。 Follow this road and you’ll find the hotel. 沿着这条路走,你就会找到那家旅馆。 (3) He speaks so fast that we can hardly follow him. 他讲得如此的快以致于我们几乎听不懂。 词组互译: follow one’s example follow the instructions in the following years as follows 在接下来的几年 遵从指示 追随某人的榜样 如下 Preview the Word Power . Homework * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 高一(上) Unit 3 Looking good, feeling good Reading Where does Amy come from? What kind of pills did Amy take? What caused Amy’s liver to fall? Canada. Weight-loss pills calle


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