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高中英语名词性从句的专项练习人教版必修三.doc 2页

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引导名词性从句的连接词可分为三类:连接词:that, whether, if (不充当从句的任何成分)连接代词:what, whatever, who, whoever, whom, whose, which.连接副词:when, where, how, why主语从句 主语从句可以按其引导词的不同分为三类: 第一类,用从属连词that引导的主语从句, is certain.= _____________________ we shall be late 1. _______ is clear that he was telling the truth. 2_ ____ is a pity that you can’t go with us. 3._____ worried her a bit that her hair was turning grey. 4.____ seems that he has lost something. 第二类,代词who、whose、which、what,连接副词when、where、how、why,以及连词whetherwas responsible for the accident is not yet clear. 2._____ he did is not yet known. 3.________ it is true remains a problem. 4. _______ he was late again is not known.5.______ is not yet known what he did. 6____ remains a problem whether it is true. 第三类,用whatever、wherever、whoever、whicheverwhenever 等代词引导的主语从句, breaks the law is sure to be punished. 3. _________ you say to him won’t move him.宾语从句第一类:由连接词that引导陈述句? ?He?said?__________?he?would?like?to?see?the?headmaster.? 2. He told me ________ she was wrong我认为你是不对的 4. 我们相信他还没有做完他的工作5. We think____ wrong that he told a lie to everyone 6. He thought it a pity that I missed the chance第二类 连接副词和代词引导的宾语从句及其语序1. Bill?wanted?to?know______?did?this.? 2. I?don't?know? _______?the?matter?with?Bob?? 3. She asked ________ jacket it was 4. I want to know __________ she lives5. Please tell me _______you did it 6. Mr Hu asked him ________ he was late for school again.宾语从句的时态问题1. 主语是一般现在时态 1). I hear that he________(go) to Beijing yesterday 2). I know that he __________ (come) back tomorrow.2. 主语是过去时 1). Lily?wanted?to?know?whether?her?grandma??_________(like) the?handbag.? 2). I?asked?the?teacher?where?we?______(will) have?the?meeting.? 3). Grandma told me the sun ____(rise) in the east 4). The teacher told us light ____(run) faster than sound.表语从句表语从句的基本用法 remain. look. seem, appear, become 等He has become ________t he wanted to be ten years ago.2. His suggestion is _____ we shoul

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