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Linden Centre Travel Curator Job Description The Linden Centre is an award-winning boutique hotel offering the intrepid traveler an inspiring exploration into Southwest China. Guests reside in a nationally protected heritage site and interact with a warm and dynamic Xizhou community upon stepping out the front door. Through daily activities and excursions, as well as the occasional evening discussion, visitors to Xizhou are afforded an insight into, and an opportunity to explore a different side of China. Inspired by the vision of our founders to provide a platform for cultural preservation and exchange, guests leave the Centre having shared in our journey towards setting a new model for cultural sustainability. Position Summary The Travel Curator (TC) position offers an exceptional opportunity to act as a cultural bridge for both international and domestic tourists and the village of Xizhou & local area. The position offers a high degree of responsibility acting as a direct contact and manager for a unique type of guest who seeks an exceptional and personal experience in China. This role requires the TC to assist all guests with both in-house needs (e.g. front desk, café/bar, dining), as well as researching and leading tours around the local area. Part of this includes efficiently organizing reservations, logistics, trip planning, and any other assistance the guest may need during their stay with us. All TCs will receive hands-on training in a wide range of skills that require taking initiative and critical thinking. Requirements • Understand the mission of the Linden Centre, and willing to develop and grow with the Linden Centre • Excellent communications skills – verbal and written • Extroverted personality & proficient in Chinese & English (other languages a plus) • Responsible and detailed-oriented • Energetic, Able to multi-task • Hospitable, demonstrates

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