Sliding Gate Motors Liftmaster(滑动门汽车Liftmaster).pdf

Sliding Gate Motors Liftmaster(滑动门汽车Liftmaster).pdf

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Sliding Gate Motors Liftmaster(滑动门汽车Liftmaster)

LIFTMASTER Sliding Gate Motors SLY Series 240V SLY300 SLY500 SLY1000 24VDC SLY324 SLY524 ® Magic Button Remote Design Controls This is a quality Liftmaster product on which you The Magic Button® logic control boards are can depend. Built to last, the unit features strong designed and manufactured in Australia to co mpa ct mec ha nica l co mpo ne nt s w it h suit Australian high voltage power sources and permanent lubrication, while the gearbox comply with Australian electrical standards. provides positive locking. Ongoing in-house research and development by Lif t mast e r a llow s co nt inuo us sof tw a re ® Magic Button logic controls (and transformer for improvement. 24VDC units) are conveniently fitted under cover, which negates the need for external control Magic Button® logic control features : boxes. • Pedestrian opening • Selectable motor force • Flashing light output • Safety device inputs The solid die-cast aluminum base is slotted for • Soft start slow down at end of travel installation convenience. Specifically design


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