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making_the_news warming up and readingppt课件.ppt

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    making_the_news warming up and readingppt课件.ppt

    Unite 4 Making the news; There are many kinds of occupations in the world, what do you imagine will be your future occupation? ;stewardess;Suppose you were to be a journalist for China Daily, do you know what kinds of jobs they have? reporter editor designer painter printer photographer;Chief editor 主编 deputy editor 副主编 sub editor 审校编辑 critic 评论员 cartoonist 漫画师 correspondent 通讯员; Guess who they are? And what they are doing?;;Photographer ;designers; printer;;Can you guess what all the people should do? ;Pre-reading;;Requirement of a reporter in advertisement: ;;Suppose it is your first day to work on a famous newspaper,now discuss in pairs how you would feel ?You can use as many adjectives as you can to describe your feelings.; Explanations : cover a story报道新闻 to have a “nose” for a story对新闻非常敏感的嗅觉 a trick of the trade行业的诀窍 get all your facts straight保证新闻的属实 get the wrong end of the stick完全误解,弄错 a real scoop独家新闻;;Skimming; Read carefully Zhou Yang’s notes. Use the information from the reading passage to help you. ;Zhou Yang’s notes;;;;1.Can I go out on a story immediately?; Discussion ;;Thank you!


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