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西南交通大学硕士研究生学位论文 第III页 西南交通大学硕士研究生学位论文 第III页 西南交通大学 研究生学位论文 凉山鼻族自治州旅游开发研究 年 级 .〇0三级 姓 专 名郑崇芝 申请学位级别高校教师在职攻读硕士学位 业管理科学与工程 指导教师黄登仕教授 二〇o七年三月 关键词:凉山州;旅游业;旅游资源;战略研究 Abstract The 21st century would be a new process for the lasting development of our nation's economic construction since the government protrudes the importance of the "Western Development". The tourism industry, with the increasingly important role in the people's lives, has become a new economic-grown point and promised a huge economic potential, which would especially supply a convenience and powerful support for the fast development of the tourism industry in Sichuan province. There are the rich tourist resources in Liangshan Yizu Autonomous State which is one of the three national minority areas in Sichuan province. The rich national character and style, the exquisite nature sight and the high-tech astronautics culture constitute the Liangshan state multi-level natures and the humanities tourist resources. "The sunlight ecology", "astronautics high-tech" and "the national character and style" are regarded as "the troika" of the tourism industry development in Liangshan state. The State of Lianfshan highly attaches importance to the development of tourism industry and the project of new five tourist areas in Sichuan province gives a good chance for Liangshan to develop the tourism industry. However, the Liangshan state is in a far away mountainous area, the economy, the transportation and so on are not developed. Not only the tourism industry development starts late, but also develops slowly. In addition, since long ago, the researches on Liangshan state's tourist resources were only restricted in nationality history, culture, national character and style of Yizu, which not relate these with the local tourism and the social economy development, its various function has not obtained the display which should have. Based on the macro background, the researches of this thesis are finished. This thesis h


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