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1.1 Layout and Conventions of Letter Writing;Learning Objectives; 12 Overdale Road London SW7, OZ5 May 14th Dear Ulrich and Berthe, I thought I'd drop you a line to confirm the arrangements for my trip over to Germany—I must say, I'm really looking forward to it. I should be leaving Heathrow Airport at 10 in the morning of the 27th. The flight gets in at half past eleven or thereabouts. Could you meet me at the airport? I'd like to stay with you for three days, and then, on the 31st of May, I'm going across the border to Koge in Denmark to see another old friend for a couple of days. I'll be back with you on about the 3rd of June and then we can go off on our travel through southern Germany. I must be back in England on the 18th of June. I hope these arrangements are OK with you. Till then. Yours, Derek ;Sample Letter 2—A formal business letter ;Sample Letter 3—A business letter with headed stationery;;;2. Components of an English letter;c) Reference number If the company or the official uses a reference number in the letter previously sent to you, quote this number back, as “Your ref:XXX” (贵方文件号). If your letter has a file number to refer to, it is written as “Our ref:XXX” (我方文件号). d) Inside address The inside address is written in exactly the same way as the address on the envelope. Include the recipient's full address as well as the title line unless it is definitely a personal letter. In the title line write down either the name or the position of the recipient, or both if you know them.;e) Salutation Different salutations are used according to how well you know the recipient. Normal address forms for business letters include: Dear+Mr./Mrs./Ms./Miss+Surname; Dear Sir or Madam, or Dear Sir/Madam; Dear Sir; Dear Sirs. Common address form for personal letters is Dear +Christian name as in “Dear John”, “Dear Mary”, etc. The abbreviation mark after “Mr.”, “Mrs.” and “Ms.” is o


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