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大学英语1复习题I 交际英语1.— Good morning, John. How are you doing? —____________.A. Hello.B. How do you do?C. Good evening.D. Not too bad. And you?2.—How long does it _____ to the library? — Perhaps 10 minutes.A. take B. make C. spend D. cost 3.—What a beautiful scarf you have on today! —________________.A. It is suitable for me. B. No, it isn’t.C. You want to have one, too?D. Thank you.4.—May I see your tickets, please? —__________________A. Sure.B. No, you can’t.C. No, they are mine. D. Yes, you can.5.—__________________. — She teaches physics in a school.A. What is your sister doing? B. Who is your sister?C. What does your sister do? D. Where is your sister now?— Hello, I’m Kelly Potter.— Hello, I’m Dorota Smith. Just ——.call myDorota B. call me at Dorotacall me Dorota D. call Dorota me7. — May you have a wonderful journey, Honey! —________.A. Thank you all the sameB. Yes, I will. C. Thank you very much. D. My pleasure.8. — How is your study, Bob? —______A. Every thng goes well. B. I’m fine. Thank you. C. It’s all right. D. There is no problem.9. — Thank you for inviting me. — ______.A. I really had a happy time. B. Oh, it’s too late.C. Thank you for coming. D. Oh, so slowly?10.What day is today? —-____A. It’s March 6. B. It’s a fine day today. C. t’s March.D. It’s Monday. 11. — May I see your tickets, please? —____.A. Sure B. No, you can't.C. No, they are mine. D. Yes, you can.12. Hello, how are you? — ____A. Hello, how are you? B. How do you do? C. Fine, thank you.D. That’s OK.13. —________? — He teaches physics in a school.A. What does your father do B. Who is your father C. What is your father doingD. Where is your father now—Is that seat taken? — ________Please don't worry. B. I don't think so.C. Why not?D. It's very nice.15. — Thank you for your invitation. —__________A. It doesn't matter.B.It's a pleasure.C. It's a small thing.D. I'll appreciate it.16. —Who’s ______? — This is Tom.A. speaksB. spokenC. speaking


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